Greetings LHSMB Families,

Next week is July Music week for all winds (all new/returning woodwinds and brass) as well as sectionals for guard and drum line.  I am asking parents to be particularly aware that we will be sending home lots of updates with all the band members on getting ready for pre-camp, band camp, and the season in general. There will be paperwork and updates, kicking off the Football Mania Fundraiser, and much more.  We will send email updates with any handouts that go out, but I just want to make sure everyone knows to be looking for this information.  It is a critical time of the year for us!

In addition, I need to remind everyone of two very important things:

  1. We have about 80% of our annual expenses occur during marching band season.  The member fees that apply to each student are a critical part of our operations.  We need ALL families to be current and up to date on payments, etc.  Please make sure this is happening.  If it is not, we cannot operate and do what we need to as a group to be successful.
  2. Band Medical Forms (the green forms from the packet) need to be completed and turned in at this time.  Unless you have to wait for a physical closer to the end of the month due to insurance coverage, we are expecting all of them to be in prior to band camp.  We do not have the resources or time to chase all the forms down.  Please make sure your student has their physical complete, the emergency contact information/parent information side complete, all signatures, notary (with raised seal) and everything done on the forms and in ASAP.   We cannot take a student to band camp without the forms completed, and, if they don’t go to band camp, they can’t do marching band.

Thank you all.  Winds, below is the reminder and overview for July Music Week. See you all on Monday at 2 pm in the band room!

July Music Week:

July Music week is July 15 – 17 (M,T,W) from 2 – 9 pm.  During this time we will get any show updates in music out, and we will begin to not only memorize show but also work on teaching new members our marching techniques.  More information will follow as we get closer, but please make sure you are prepared for this “mini camp” of 3 days by having:

  • All music (show and packet)
  • Appropriate clothes to march in (tennis shoes with good support, laces, etc. – no high tops).
  • Water (as much as you want to bring J)
  • Bag Dinner (we take a dinner break every day)
  • SUNBLOCK/HAT – when we march outside you want to be prepared.  Nothing ruins the band experience faster than a sunburn!!!

Thank you,
Mr. Green

Robert Green
Director of Bands, Lakeland High School
Director of Bands, International Academy West