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It Takes a Village to Raise a Band Student

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We can always use your help!

It takes a village to raise a band student and to run a successful high school band program.  Volunteering with the band is a great opportunity to get involved in an activity with your student.  We need your help to make the band program a success. A little or a lot – it all helps.

Regardless of your skill set, there are committees and areas that certainly could use your help. Interested in volunteering? Contact us for more information.

Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities:

*** 2019 Season Sign UP Geniuses links***

Snacks for competition daysSign Up

Our 3 parades and snacks at the paradesSign Up

Chaperones and roadies for all competitionsSign Up

Truck unload after each competitionSign Up

Indy roadies and chaperonesSign up

Monday night uniform fix upSign Up