Dear LHS Band Parents,

On Tuesday, May 5, 2015, Huron Valley residents will vote on an important facilities millage proposal. I am writing to make sure you (Our Band Family) understand(s) how this proposal affects our entire school district and let you know about the facility improvements planned for Lakeland High School.

Our parents who have children participating in band tend to be more connected to Lakeland and are willing to volunteer and support our school and music programs at a moment’s notice. For this reason, the Band Program is asking for your support in regards to May 5th, 2015 facilities millage proposal.

In order to gain a sense of the overall support for the May 5, facilities millage, we are respectfully asking that you complete a short survey:


If you are already on a list of Yes voters, thank you for your support

Music, and our facility needs, factors into the facilities millage proposal in two regards. If the millage is successful in passing, our room and needs will benefit by maintaining and keeping our facilities safe for use and for operation of the band program. If voters vote NO, it’s very likely many activities, electives, and extra-curricular groups may see significant budget cuts or reductions in programming across the district.

This facilities proposal will dedicate approximately 57 million over the next 10 years to identified critical needs and continue the long-term facilities plan that keeps Huron Valley School buildings in good repair and up-to-date. It will insure that student safety is not compromised, that the learning environment remains current, and that school facilities are well maintained and in good condition.

A complete list of all the projects in the facilities proposal appears on the district’s website,

Of course, if voters do not approve the facilities proposal, the projects needed to enhance our learning environment and maintain and upgrade our schools cannot be addressed as planned. Additionally, the critical or emergency repairs will place some things on hold, add to future costs or necessitate funds being taken from the general fund impacting students and programs.

If you have questions or need more information, please call me at 248 676-8321. You can also visit and click on the Strong Schools/Strong Communities logo. Thanks for learning about this important facilities proposal. A complete list of all the projects in the facilities proposal appears on the district’s website,

Paul Gmelin, Principal   / Bob Green, Director of Bands

Make no mistake: Your vote is important. It really counts!