For any of those who have yet to turn in contracts, we absolutely MUST have those before band camp. For those who have turned in contracts but may have had made notations of questions or concerns, we would like to address those.

Regardless of whether each line item is initialed, each term of the contract is fully applicable once the contract has been signed. The point of the initialization is to ensure that each item was read and parents were not surprised by any aspect of the contract after signing.

There were some notations in the volunteer section of the contracts regarding hours worked at the 2016 Winter Show. We would like to address those concerns as follows:

The Volunteer Section of the 2016-2017 contract requires:

-5 hours to the Marching Band in general
-One shift at the 2016 BAV home show
-One shift at the 2016 HVI home show
-One shift at the 2017 Winter show

Any hours worked at the 2016 Winter show will be applied to the “5 hours to the Marching Band in general” term of the volunteer obligation. One shift at each of the 2016 BAV, 2016 HVI, and 2017 Winter Show still remain to be completed.

Thank you.