If you are marching next fall in the woodwind or brass sections, new or returning, please read below:

Wind Rehearsal Updates (all woodwinds and brass):
We will have ONE rehearsal to distribute music and instruments (brass), and get together to meet and discuss summer practice, on Monday, June 1st from 6 – 8 pm in the LHS Band Room. This rehearsal is for ALL woodwinds and brass, new or returning. This is already on your calendar, so this shouldn’t be a surprise. Please make plans to be there and if you play a woodwind, or trumpet, you should have your instrument with you. Any questions please email me at bob.green@hvs.org as soon as possible.

Brass Only:
We have a new head brass instructor who wants to hold a couple of clinics to work on technique and get you guys started so that we can get to work on building a solid brass line.

Here are the dates:
Clinic 1: Monday, May 11th from 6 – 8 pm in the Band Room
Clinic 2: Monday, May 18th from 6 – 8 pm in the Band Room

Woodwinds only:
We will have 2 woodwind clinics in the summer prior to July Music Week. Once the dates are set, we will have them for you. We will have the dates for you on/before the night of the June 1st Wind Rehearsal, and both will fall in July.

July Music Week note (all woodwinds/brass):
Just a reminder that we have July Music week for all woodwinds and brass on July 20, 21, 22 from 2 pm – 9 pm. This is critical for all of us as we work on show music, technique, marching technique for what our program uses to march, and much more. We will also work through any song revisions and adjustments to the show, etc. Please wear appropriate clothes to march in…supported tennis shoes with laces (No high tops/slip-on/flip flops/sandals), shorts, light colored clothing (no skirts/dresses), etc. You will need to bring a dinner (we will break for dinner but you cannot leave campus) and as much water as you want! You won’t have time to run around and find water in the building. Also, please wear sunblock and bring a hat. We do not want someone getting burned and being miserable before we even start the season. Please eat a good lunch before you come as well!

Thank you,
Robert Green
Director of Bands, Lakeland HS.