Greetings all Woodwinds and Brass Members:

Next week is July Music Week.  I want to share all information with you on exactly what goes on during this time so you can better prepare for the 3 days to be a success.  I know both woodwinds and brass have had a few sectionals, and many sections have come in on their own as well.  This is awesome, a great sign of what our season will be like, and very much appreciated!!!

Next week we will go Mon, Tues, Weds, from 2 – 9 pm.

Please make sure you are aware of all of the following:

  1. Please wear comfortable clothing for warm weather that you can march in.  What this means in essence is please wear light weight, light-colored clothing, preferably shorts/t-shirt (NO SKIRTS/DRESSES).  Make sure all clothing is school appropriate.    Please wear comfortable socks and tennis shoes that have a cushioned sole and lace up (tight laces), and NO HIGH TOPS, NO FLIP FLOPS/SANDALS/NO BOOTS/NO open-toed shoes, etc.  In essence, you should be wearing cross-training or running tennis shoes/sneakers.  You will enjoy band much more if you are not sore from marching due to the wrong shoes/poor support, etc.
  2. Bring a bag dinner.  You cannot leave for dinner and we don’t always stop for dinner at the exact same time.  We will give you a long break for sure each night.
  3. Bring Sunblock, hat, and as much water as you can for water breaks, etc.  We suggest the larger thermos water containers as they hold a lot more than one break worth and you won’t want to be running around trying to find a drinking fountain, etc.
  4. Make sure your instrument is in working order and you have all music you have been given, etc.  We will take care of any missing music first thing on Monday.

Please email me at Bob Green with any questions, etc.  If you are going to be out of town/late for any portion of July Music Week please let me know asap.  It is important we know where everyone is and account for everyone as we have now started laying out the drill for the show based on the membership we have enrolled.

The basic day will be as follows:

2 pm – Meet in band room, go over plan for the day

2:15 – 5 pm – Music time (warm ups, sectionals, full ensemble) working on fundamentals, show music, warm up packets, and all football/pep music.

5 – 6 pm – Dinner break on campus

6 – 9 pm – marching basics and technique, and some music sectional time in sections, etc. as needed.

See you all on Monday, we are ready for an awesome season to begin!!!