Hello Senior Parents,

This email is in regards to the senior luncheon tradition we have with the seniors at band camp. Port Huron is a small town as far as restaurant selection, so every year we have problems securing a dinner location for the senior dinner. The place we had took upwards of 1.5 hours to serve us dinner alone, and the kids were getting back really late and missing all the evening time on their last night. Last year we stopped going to Senior Dinner and turned it into a luncheon on Friday. I apologize for not getting more information out sooner. I am working through getting this into our routine now instead of the dinner, and wanted to share with you what we are doing, etc.

Friday we will be dining at The Windjammer Restaurant in Lexington. The kids meals are covered already. We will be eating at 1 pm on Friday for lunch. I don’t want anyone to take this the wrong way, but if you are NOT already up here at camp helping anyway, I do not want you to feel obligated to come up for the luncheon in any way. It is NOT an expectation at all. If you have the ability to and want to, by all means we would love to have you. It is not anything formal, and the kids will literally go to lunch, walk around for a little bit at the waterfront, get some ice cream and head back to camp. We will still have rehearsal that night, etc. Anyway, here is the restaurant info if you’d like to join us.

IF you are attending, can you simply email me (Bob Green) back by Thursday at 5 pm so I can give them our final count?

7420 Huron Ave, Lexington, MI 48450
(810) 359-2712