Memorial Day Parade

MEMORIAL DAY PARADE – Monday, May 29, 2017

Parade starts at the Kroger entrance on Commerce Street. East to Main, then South to Central Park where we will then participate in the annual ceremony with the Milford H.S. Marching Band.

Before the parade starts, we will meet, line-up and do a run-through of the National Anthem with MHSMB.

10:15a – Report time (Kroger parking lot)

11:00a – Parade starts

12:45p – Expected finish time of parade (at Central Park)

12:45p – Memorial Day ceremony. LHSMB, together with MHSMB will perform the National Anthem and Salute to Freedom.

We will be wearing our full uniforms with CAMO (same as fall). Guard will be wearing FALL UNIFORMS and GUARD shoes for this event.

Everyone (guard, winds, percussion):
Please return your uniforms to the band room uniform room uniform room hung-up properly the week of Memorial Day as soon as possible. Seniors, please bring them in as soon as you can do so, in your bag, and make sure your name and information is on the uniform bag label so we mark you down for returning everything properly. We need ALL uniforms back as soon as possible after the parade.