Hello everyone,

This week begins July Music Week for the winds, a 2 day camp for percussion, and guard on Wednesday. Below are some important reminders for all members (percussion and guard please read all the way thru):

July Music Week – Winds: We will go Mon, Tues, Weds from 2 – 9 pm this week. This is a critical week!!! Please show up ready to have a great start to the summer camps.

Please make sure you have all of the following with you for tomorrow’s practice:
1. hat/sunblock (please wear and reapply), water (as much as you can carry, want to bring).
2. proper clothing – shorts/tshirts…no skirts, dresses, long pants. Please wear tennis shoes with laces that tie up tight. Do not wear loose style tennis shoes with loose laces, no high tops, etc. They should be good quality athletic shoes for being active (Cross Trainers, running shoes, etc.) High tops prevent you from executing our marching technique. Skate shoes, converse, vans, have poor support and are not designed for this activity for sure…you will be on your feet most of the time, so be smart and wear good supporting shoes.
3. Dinner – please bring your own dinner. Make sure it is healthy. YOU CANNOT LEAVE FOR DINNER. You can have a parent bring you something but make sure they know we don’t always end at the same time every day for dinner. We WILL give you an hour for dinner!
4. Instrument/Music – make sure you have everything you need, including all music you’ve been give. Please get a larger 3-ring binder as soon as possible with clear sheets.
5. Inhaler – If you have a prescribed inhaler – HAVE IT HERE. This is not the most physical activity, but it is very active and you will be moving a lot and moving quickly at times. Please be prepared!
ALL MEMBERS (WINDS/PERC/GUARD): While guard and percussion continue summer training, I just want to remind you August camps are fast approaching. Much of the same exact info above for the winds applies to you guys, and is critical to our success when we start our camps. Please be aware of the following dates:
August 9/10 – Pre Camp 1 – ALL MEMBERS – 2 – 9 pm
August 15 – 18 – Pre Camp 2 – ALL MEMBERS – 2 – 9 pm
August 20 – 27 – Band Camp at Blue Water Campground in Lexington
Report on Aug 20 is 12 noon.
***(IA students for Precamp 2 will join us as soon as school is out each day).
MORE INFO TO FOLLOW ON PRECAMPS/BAND CAMP and Mr. Green will be talking with percussion and guard at their practices this week about August pre-camps, band camp, the show, the season, and other items.

Thank you all,
Mr. Green