The brass, woodwinds, and percussion sectionals have all started. Here are a few updates regarding next week and beyond:

ALL FAMILIES– Parents, please help me with reiterating a few things to the students regarding attendance, questions, etc. Many of the students will communicate an abscence to me, regarding their sectionals, (ex: a percussion student missing a practice) by posting on Facebook to the other members. Many will use Facebook messenger, texting, etc. Please stress to your students that ALL absences for marching band need to be reported to MR. GREEN regardless of the section.
• Students in percussion additionally need to let Oliver Rodriguez know via email.
• Color guard additionally needs to let Jackie Visger/guard staff know (we will explain which method to use for communicating to the guard staff at their first sectional next week.)

Telling the section leader, posting on FB, telling a friend to tell a friend to tell staff, etc., are NOT acceptable ways to communicate an absence. This is a great thing to do IN ADDITION to notifying Mr. Green and the appropriate staff members, and is encouraged. However, it is secondary to following the above outlined procedure.

Please always notify us in advance of the start time for any practice or event that a student will be absent from. If you know now of any absences for summer or fall, please communicate those that this time, don’t wait! In particular, if you know your student will be gone for ANY performance, we need to know this now. Planning the show and some of the individual details for students relies on their attendance at all performances. Sometimes this can be a major issue. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT WITH THIS!!

WOODWIND/BRASS: Your next sectional/practice is on Wednesday June 29th from 6-8pm. This is specifically to help you with all of your music and progressing forward. (Originally the date was listed as June 30, but it is June 29.

PERCUSSION: Your next sectional FOR ALL MEMBERS is Monday June 6th 6-9pm in the band room. Attendance is a factor in placement. Contact Oliver Rodriguez, our percussion director at if you have any questions or concerns.

COLOR GUARD: Your first sectional is next Wednesday, June 8th 6-9pm. Please come prepared to start right away and please note that we will be measuring you all this night for your uniforms! Please contact Mr. Green ASAP if there is any issue with your attendance next Wednesday.

If anyone in any section has decided not to march this fall but had originally signed up, please notify us right away. We are beginning the process of planning out the show specifics and want to make sure we move forward with the correct numbers for each section. We hope this isn’t the case for anyone, but want to make sure we are correct in our planning!!