LHS 2017-2018 Marching Band (Including New Members)

1. Tour Shirt Contest: Everyone, please see the attached regarding our 2017 Tour Shirt Contest that we want to run now and get designed this summer so we have the shirts sooner. This is optional for all of you, but we wanted to get the word out now. Thank you all.

Click here for Tour Shirt Info

2. ALL Winds: – We just wanted to take a moment to thank you all for coming last night to our first practice. Anyone who was not in attendance but is marching in the woodwinds or brass, new or returning, should email Mr. Green at bob.green@hvs.org today to please confirm you are planning to participate.

We also want to follow up regarding the band group Facebook page for all winds, and the towel/glove discussion for brass. We use FB to get a lot of communication out within the smaller groups of the band (guard/percussion/woodwinds/brass). It isn’t the only source, but it is very helpful. I use the REMIND APP as well, and if it isn’t a last minute update, we typically use handouts and this email chain as well.  FB is a great resource as it allows us to send instructional material, updates, and post recordings, student playing recordings, etc. IF you do not allow your student to use FB, that is 100% fine, we just need to know (which we asked the kids to let us know if this is the case) and we will make alternate plans for them to get things such as playing tests, etc.

Brass: We are asking you to get if possible, a black towel, so we match and look professional (this is important to us which is why we are asking)…it doesn’t have to be an expensive/fancy towel, in fact, we prefer you to get a cheaper one. It is to protect your instrument/school instruments, etc. In addition, we are asking you to get “baseball gloves” because they will last all season for practices, and the oil from your skin when you perspire will wear down the finish on the brass instruments. Baseball gloves are form fitting and made for athletics. If you use show gloves, they are cotton and will wear down much faster and you will spend more on replacing them than a single pair of baseball gloves.

Any questions, please feel free to contact me at bob.green@hvs.org. Thank you all!!!
Mr. Green