Here is the plan/update on the football game for 8/25 at The University of Michigan

Report time at LHS: 10:30 am (load trailer with instruments)
Bus Load:  11 am
Game at 1 pm
Return time is approx. 4:30 pm at LHS

Who is going/what are we doing: 
Game is required for all winds/battery (except those who will be gone that have indicated)
Pit and Guard – please come along if you want to be at the game/cheer on the team, etc.  We will play pregame Fight Song (in tunnel), National Anthem (on field) and then play in the stands for the game.

What are we wearing:
EVERYONE, (pit and guard included) will need to be in the LHS Band T-shirt, blue shorts, and tennis shoes.  You must have your band t-shirt and enter with us to get in.

What are we playing:
We are playing Fight Song in tunnel, National Anthem on field, and then our pep music in the stands.  You will need to know all of the following by next Wednesday practice:
Fight Song
National Anthem
Let’s Go Blue
Eat em Up
Dr. No
7 Nations

*** We have lots of work to do to get ready for all of this so please be working on all of the above both in and out of practices so we are prepared and represent our school and band with pride!!!

What else do we need to bring:
Instruments will go on the trailer at this point and we will unload the trailer when we arrive, get instruments out, put cases back, and line up to head into the game.  We will be there early so be patient.

Bring $$ for concessions.  Eat before you come up at 10:30 am on Saturday but you will be there all afternoon and will want snacks, etc.

What about parents/chaperones/staff:
Any parent interested in going will need to purchase a ticket in advance from Lakeland Athletics for $10 or you can get them at the gate. (Tickets in advance through LHS are cash only).  Here is the link:

We do not even get free tickets for the chaperones so please, all parents assume you need to get a ticket.  We will contact parents who have chaperoned frequently and will put together a chaperone list.  Parents who want to go will need to drive down separately unless you are confirmed as a chaperone for the day.  (Sorry, they aren’t even letting our staff in to the game without a purchased ticket either).

Revised schedule for next week:
Due to the game, the schedule next week will be as follows:
Tuesday 8/21          3 – 9 pm
Wednesday 8/22     3 – 9 pm
Thursday 8/23         NO PRACTICE
Saturday  8/25         Game @ UofM, report at 10:30, return at approx. 4:30 pm

Thank you all,
Mr. Green

Robert Green
Director of Bands, Lakeland High School
Director of Bands, International Academy West

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