As we enter the last week before the trip, I just wanted to send out a few reminders:

1.  Florida Trip Practice is Monday, 2:30 – 4 pm.  We need everyone attending the trip to be here for this (except for the Banner Carriers).  Please be here at 2:30 on Monday.

2.  Please have all uniforms for Guard/Marching Band here on Monday in bags ready to go. This includes shakos in boxes, shoes/gloves and full uniforms in bags, and change of clothes for the parade if needed.

3.  Friday, 2/17 is departure date.  Please plan to arrive at 6:30 am to the band room and unload.  Please arrive by 7 am at the latest as we want to be ready to load and depart on time.   If you have a parent dropping you off, please unload at the bottom of the hill and bring items into the band room…PLEASE DO NOT DRIVE ANY VEHICLES UP INTO THE STAFF LOT OR BLOCK THE ENTRANCE AT THE BOTTOM.  We will check all items in the band room and go from there to load when ready.

4.  Final instructions, packing reminders, etc, will be reviewed at practice on Monday.

I have one last favor regarding the trip.  We have been contacted to pre-select dinner items at Planet Hollywood for our dinner on Saturday.  Please look at the attached menu if you are going on the trip and plan to notify Mr. Green on Monday at the practice of your selection.  Chaperones, please email Mr. Green.

Click here for Planet Hollywood menu

Thank you all,
Mr. Green