Greetings all Marching Band Families:

For coming up to camp on Saturday, we wanted to send out a quick email to alert you to consider taking a different route to get here than going thru Port Huron and using M25 to come up to Lexington. It is closed down in several spots and can be a very slow and congested route. Please consider looking on your maps, navigation, etc, and check out other routes (such as coming up M53 near Imlay City off of I-69 and then over to Lexington using M90. There are a few options to look at and we wanted to pass this along. As well, please be reminded we will have a parent meeting at 11:30 am at the pavilion at the camp at the front of the camp when you pull in. Please join us at this time and we will then head to the field for the student demonstration.

Last item is a request of anyone who is willing to come up early on Saturday morning to help with the camp cleaning and inspection. We are their last event, so we have to get everything spotless and ready for lock up for the season. Anyone who can spare any time Saturday to help with clean up of the grounds and buildings is welcome to come whenever you can get here. We will be trying to get all inspections done by 11 am so the earlier the better. THANK YOU ALL, camp has been fantastic so far and we look forward to a wonderful season.

Mr. Green